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Drilling&Engineering Tools
  • Cutting Tool Blanks
    Cutting Tool Blanks

    China's first piece of rod was born in ZCC in 1958. In order to avoid cross contamination.  ZCC's rod&bar division is a designated business division for rods and bars only, delivering around 2000tons of rods annually worldwide, serving prominent toolmakers in 70 countries. 
    Large volume of popular sizes in both inch and metric system are stocked worldwide in order to shorten delivery term to the maximum. Solid rods and rods with one/two/three coollant ducts are waiting for your selection. Both end mill blanks and drill blanks are also available at your request.

  • Mining&Construction

    ZCC has the history of 50 years in the production of carbide buttons.The mining carbide business division is the largest production base in China for high-grade buttons types.Cemented carbide production capacity for mining&construction has reached 1500t/year,with a market share over 35% in the domestic market,the product sells well to all over the world.

  • Wear Parts
    Wear Parts

    Tungsten carbide roll rings and composite rolls are supplied to the steel industry for rolling high speed wire steel, rod/bar steel, rebar steel, seamless tube steel, angle steel, flat strip steel. And they are widely used in hot rolling and cold rolling.

  • Metal Powders
    Metal Powders

    Ammonium paratungstate(APT) is a white crystal chemical used to make tungsten trioxide or blue tungsten oxide for tungsten powder production. It is also used as an additive in petrochemical industry and an intermediate product for tungsten compounds.
    Since 1958,ZCC has been deeply rooted in China's tungsten industry, it has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of tungsten raw materials such as APT, AMT, tungsten oxides, tungsten powders and tungsten carbide powders.

  • Refractory Metals
    Refractory Metals

    ZCC manufactures and markets refactory metals such as tungsten,molybdenum, tantalum, niobium etc, in powders, as sintered, in ductile form or as machined, to serve the great variety of different industries.

  • Others

    Steel bonded cemented carbide means by itself a compound material prepared via carbide powder metallurgy with steel. The steel is as the binder phase and refractory metals carbides as the hard phase. Steel bonded cemented carbide posses good wear resistance and excellent mechanical properties. It is widely used in ore-crushing,construction,metal forming and even aerospace industries.

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